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  • Wills and probate in Canada

    • 28 November 2018
    • By: Lexology

    What rules and restrictions (if any) govern the disposition of and succession to an individual’s property and assets in your jurisdiction?...

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  • Don’t forget about digital assets in your estate plan

    • 26 September 2018
    • By: The Globe and Mail

    If only half of Canadians have a will and only about a third of them are up-to-date, according to a recent poll, it’s likely even fewer Canadians have accounted for the growing number of digital assets in their estate plans...

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  • Ruling could affect thousands of wills

    • 24 September 2018
    • By: Law Times

    A judge with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice decided the validity of two nearly identical wills this month, finding that one of the wills was invalid because in leaving the assets to the discretion of the trustees it failed to “describe with certainty” any property that is subject to the will...

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