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  • New impaired driving laws could unintentionally criminalize sober drivers

    • 1 September 2018
    • By:

    It is often said that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but when the Canadian government introduced Bill C-46, outlining the most comprehensive reform to the Criminal Code impaired driving offence, Canadian motorists became susceptible to being criminalized without even knowing it...

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  • Ontario will rely on private sector to sell recreational cannabis

    • 13 August 2018
    • By: The Toronto Star

    Premier Doug Ford is giving up Ontario’s monopoly on weed, opening sales of recreational cannabis to private stores by April 1 in a dramatic shift that will make this province the biggest prize for Canada’s emerging legal marijuana industry...

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  • Many Canadians driving after consuming cannabis, according to new StatsCan data

    • 9 August 2018
    • By:

    A troubling new survey from Statistics Canada says that more than a million Canadians have reported being the passenger in a vehicle driven by someone who has consumed cannabis within two hours of driving...

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