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Family Law

Marriage and divorce are the most significant life choices you will ever make. Stellar Law Professional Corporation is here to assist you through this experience before, during, or after marriage. Our lawyers provide affordable rates and help you plan and execute your wishes in all areas of family law.

A common-law relationship, sometimes called cohabiting, is when partners of the opposite or same sex live together in a marriage-like relationship without being married. There is no time limit for living together to be in a common-law relationship but you will have different rights depending on the amount of time you and your partner have lived together or if you have any children together.

It is important to have a plans for your assets in the future even though you don't plan divorce. With advanced planning, our legal team can help you and your partner avoid high legal costs and stress down the road. These agreements can be made before or during the marriage and protect both parties from future uncertainties. In drafting your marriage contract or cohabitation agreement, you can be certain that we will plan for whatever may come, including:

  • Division of assets and the Matrimonial home
  • Support payments
  • Decisions regarding the upbringing of the children

To legally divorce from your spouse in Ontario you will need to apply for a divorce order from the court. The divorce order can be obtained by filing a Divorce Application, by one or both partners. If the Divorce Application is brought by both partners it is deemed to be a joint application. If the Divorce Application is brought by one partner, and the other does not respond, it will be deemed to be an “Uncontested Divorce”. However, if the Divorce Application is brought by one partner, and the other does not want a divorce, it will be deemed to be a “Contested Divorce”.

Stellar Law Professional Corporation's family lawyers can assist you with:

  • Separation Agreement
  • Divorce Application
  • Family Court Case Conferences
  • Family Court Settlement Conferences
  • Family Court Trial Conferences
  • Family Court Motions
  • Spousal Support
  • Division of Property
  • Matrimonial Home
  • Restraining Orders
  • Child Custody
  • Child Access
  • Child Support

Dividing property is a process in family law where a married couple's assets and debts are divided between them after they separate or divorce.

The value of a married couple's property is usually shared and the partner who has more property usually pays money to the partner who has less property. The property itself, most often, is not physically divided.

Common-law couples, unlike married couples, do not have to share the value of their property if they separate. The property a partner brings into the relationship, plus any increase in its value, usually continues to belong to that partner alone. There is no automatic right to dividing property or sharing its value, as required when you are married.

However, you may be able to claim a share of your common-law partner’s property if you contributed financially, or in some other way, to your partner's property. It may be hard to prove but the court may look to see if your partner was "unjustly enriched" at your expense.

Our legal team takes a child-centred approach to your legal matters, focusing on the best interests of the children during and after the marriage. We are prepared to take any steps needed to protect your children and your rights to parent them. We also assist with travel arrangements and can complete your Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad.

Following separation the children often become the focus of the case. Our legal team assists you with matters of Child Custody, Child Access, and Child Support. We use creative approaches to ensure that Parental Access and Custody is safe for the children by arranging Supervised or Unsupervised Access, Telephone Access, Custody, and Parenting Plans that best meet the needs of the children. When it comes to support payments, you can count on our team to advocate strongly for the maximum amount of support that your child needs for their upbringing.

Whether the Children’s Aid Society is already involved in your case, or you wish to involve them, our legal team is prepared to navigate you through the challenging process of dealing with public agencies. We can also assist you with appointing the Office of the Children’s Lawyer to help protect your children’s rights.

Whether the Children’s Aid Society is already involved in your case, or you wish to involve them, our legal team is prepared to navigate you through the challenging process of dealing with public agencies. We can also assist you with appointing the Office of the Children’s Lawyer to help protect your children’s rights.

Stellar Law Professional Corporation can assist individuals seeking to adopt a child who is a family member or a step-child, or through the Children’s Aid Societies, or with national and international adoption agencies. Our team will guide you through the process and ensure there are no roadblocks to you starting and growing your family.

Family Court

Family law matters are heard at all Superior Court locations across Ontario and involves both federal and provincial legislation. Cases involving divorce and the division of property aheard in the Superior Court of Justice. Child protection and adoption cases must be heard in the Ontario Court of Justice. Both the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice preside over child and spousal support and child custody and access matters.

A family Case Conference is the initial attempt to help you and your partner reach an agreement on some or all of your issues without bringing a motion or going to trial. Case conferences are held either in a courtroom or a conference room at the family courthouse.

A family Settlement Conference is a process to help you and your partner settle the unsolved issues that remain after your case conference. A judge may schedule a settlement conference if you and your partner haven't reached an agreement on your issues after one or more case conferences.

The family Trial Management Conference is a process that helps you and your partner get ready for trial. It is the last attempt to settle your case prior to trial. A judge schedules a trial management conference when they believe that you and your partner are unable to resolve your issues and the case should proceed to go to trial.

A motion is where you ask a judge to decide specific issues before your trial commences. You can bring a family law motion when you want the court to make a temporary order about some of the issues in your case. It can be brought by both parties in agreement, or without consent when one of you doesn't agree with the temporary order the other is asking for.

Stellar Law only charges for the services you need and can provide you unbundled services, or a limited scope retainer. Our flexible fee structures ensure that you have access to justice and only pay for the services you need, nothing more.

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An "unbundled" or “limited scope” retainer is when a lawyer provides legal services for part, but not all, of a client's legal matter. It is an affordable option for clients who want to self represent or need legal guidance with their family law case.

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